Zippo Blu Chrome Tuxedo 30028


Zippo Blu Chrome Tuxedo 30028

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Introducing the Zippo BLU™ Lighter. Same rugged reliability, classic styling, and flint-wheel ignition. All backed by the famous lifetime guarantee. It’s the only butane lighter worthy of the Zippo name. The Zippo BLU lighter is manufactured in the United States and includes the flint wheel ignition system that is a Zippo trademark. It delivers a consistent, clean-burning blue flame with no odor or aftertaste. Gas fuel offers quick refilling options as well as a hot, clean-burning flame. The Zippo BLU lighter can be recognized from its distinctive features including the patented two-stage burner technology; signature “Z” patterned chimney, large fuel tank and elegant designs. Each unit is enhanced by a smooth, comfortable shape that is registered and makes each lighter pure Zippo. Consumers will also enjoy the same signature product features of the classic Zippo windproof lighter, including rugged metal construction, hinged lid, one-hand operation, and of course, the iconic sound of the Zippo “click.” Each Zippo BLU lighter is stamped with a date code for quality assurance and guaranteed for life. Like the windproof pocket lighter, a Zippo BLU butane lighter is shipped without fuel.


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