Elgin 7 Jewel Gold-filled 1889 Size 16S Pocket Watch


Elgin 7 Jewel Gold-filled 1889 Size 16S Pocket Watch

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Yet another elegant example of an Elgin quality pocket watch.  This size 16s, 7 jewel yellow gold-filled watch was produced in 1889.  It has an extra nice Roman Numerical face in excellent condition.  The movement is a 3/4 plate and is equipped with a safety pinion.  The watch was refurbished here at Wojcik Jewelers with over 120 years of combined experience in watch repair.  Absolutely elegant inside and out.  This watch screams for attention and needs to be worn for people to see or displayed proudly in a collection.

Grade: 104

  • Movement Serial Number:3248028
  • Estimated Production Year:1889
  • Run Quantity:2,000
  • Total Production:136,000
  • Size:16s
  • Jewels:7j
  • Movement Configuration:Openface
  • Movement Finish:Gilt
  • Model:5
  • Class:31
  • Movement Setting:Pendant
  • Plate:3/4 Plate
  • Barrel:Going
  • Train:Quick
  • Regulator:Plain
  • Adjusted:No
  • Railroad Grade:No

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