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Welcome to our new webpage

Hello and welcome.  This is our new webpage so please be patient while we add our inventory to the store.  We hope you enjoy browsing through our products and come back often.  We have not completed all of our shipping categories for each item so please email us if you see something you’re interested in purchasing.  Please leave us any comments and email us if you have any questions.  Thank you and enjoy.

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  1. Can you tell me how much a bracelet is worth and is there a fee.

    1. Yes we could do an appraisal for you. Of course we would have to see it. You could email us pictures that would show us any possible markings or engravings that would identify it. Basically though, we would have to inspect it to determine authenticity and value. You could either bring it into our store or you could mail it to us. We could discuss this further if you could call us at the phone number listed on the website. 814-948-9355

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